ZK is a unique facial peel, capable of renewing skin structures and nourishing the skin in depth. 

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Ingredients & Benefits

Each ZK Face Vial has 3 immiscible phases

• Transparent oily liquid phase: Low molecular weight HA, mint and lemon essential oils
• Opalescent intra-gel phase: High molecular weight HA
• Silky aqueous liquid phase: Succinic MCA , Pyruvic, Lactic and Malic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Probiotic.

• Protective
• Deep Moisturizing
• Refreshing
• Energizing Booster
• Revitalization
• Skin Supplements

Up to 3 min application for a superficial effect.
Up to 10 min for a deeper effect.

• Restore firmness and elasticity to aged skin
• Improve overall texture for healthy- looking skin
• Improve the appearance of acneic and comedonic skin
• Improve wrinkles
• Optimize skin complexion and reduces the appearance of discoloration

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ZK FACE Peel Treatment


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