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Laser Hair Removal at at Advanced Aesthetics by Maria

Embark on a journey towards flawless, hair-free skin with Advanced Aesthetics by Maria, your premier destination in Winnipeg for cutting-edge beauty solutions. We're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in laser hair removal: the DiolazeXL by InMode. This state-of-the-art technology brings you the ultimate solution for unwanted hair, combining power, speed, and comfort to reveal your smoothest skin ever.


Our Technology

The DiolazeXL system stands out with its advanced approach to laser hair removal. It's designed to target the most stubborn and coarse hair without compromising on comfort. Safe for all skin types, DiolazeXL efficiently treats various areas of the face and body, leaving your skin silky smooth and rejuvenated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While no laser offers permanent hair removal, DiolazeXL provides long-lasting results with minimal hair regrowth.

Typically, 4-6 sessions are recommended for optimal results, but it varies based on individual hair type and growth cycle.

Yes! DiolazeXL is safe and effective for all skin types, thanks to its advanced technology.

Most clients experience minimal discomfort, likening the sensation to a light snap against the skin, with the cooling feature enhancing comfort.

Absolutely! There is no downtime, though we recommend using sunscreen if exposed to the sun.

Session times vary depending on the area treated but generally range from 15 minutes to an hour.

Side effects are rare and usually include temporary redness or swelling.

If you’re looking for a lasting solution to unwanted hair, DiolazeXL is likely a great fit. We recommend a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Ready for Your Transformation?

Say goodbye to endless shaving and waxing, and hello to effortlessly smooth skin with DiolazeXL at Advanced Aesthetics by Maria. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your journey to silky skin is comfortable, safe, and satisfying.

Get Silky Smooth Perfection
with DiolazeXL

Don’t wait to embrace the ease and confidence of lasting smooth skin. Contact us today to book your appointment and discover the DiolazeXL difference.


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