Learn How Our Online Booking System Works

At Advanced Aesthetics by Maria, we now use an Online Booking System from Square Space. This new booking flow helps our customers reserve appointments online and confirm bookings instantly with a deposit or pay in full.

What follows is a set of instructions on how the system works.  If you have any feedback or have a question, kindly contact us


Step 1 - Book Now

Click on the BOOK NOW button from any page on our website or from Navigation Menu on the top right.


Step 2 - Select a Service Category

Once you click on the BOOK NOW button, you will be taken to the Advanced Aesthetics by Maria Square Space Online Booking system on a new browser window. Here you need to SELECT a SERVICE CATEGORY.


Step 3 - Pick a Service

Once you select a service category, the category will expand and all the specific treatments within that category will appear. Here you will need to click on BOOK next to the treatment of choice to move forward.


Step 4 - Select Your Provider

After picking your treatment, you will need to SELECT YOUR PROVIDER of choice. Here you will have several options: Any available, and any of our aestheticians specialized in that particular treatment. Select one to move forward.


Step 5 - Pick a Date & Time

Once you have selected your provider of choice, or any available, a calendar will appear. underneath that provider's profile. PICK A DATE that is available (bolded), and a series of available time slots will appear. PICK a TIME SLOT, then click on CONTINUE to move forward in the process.


Step 6 - Enter Your Information & Pay to Confirm

After selecting CONTINUE in the previous step, you will be presented with a form where you will need to ENTER YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS. Make sure to fill in all the fields, then click on the pink PAY NOW, or PAY DEPOSIT Now to move forward and CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT.


Step 7 - Secure Payment

The last step in the process to confirm your appointment is to pay securely with a valid credit card. We accept full payment or deposits in order to confirm appointments.

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