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If you want a treatment that allows you to relax while helping you look your best, a therapeutic facial will be the answer. The caring and competent staff at Advanced Aesthetics by Maria can give you the facial in Winnipeg that will allow you to forget about your concerns for a while.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your session may last anywhere from 50 to 75 minutes, but your time with us may be shortened or lengthened depending on your personal preferences and specific skin needs.

The body’s collagen levels can be increased from getting a facial, and this additional collagen can help improve the skin’s buoyancy and make you look younger.

You won’t need to worry about scheduling any recovery time after receiving a facial. It’s best to refrain from using toner or harsh cleaners that could irritate the skin for the first few days after your session. You should also avoid scrubbing your face vigorously for a few days.

The general recommendation for most people is to have a facial once a month, or every three weeks in some cases. This is the average time period your skin requires to go through its complete life cycle ofcellular regeneration and exfoliation.

Advanced Aesthetics by Maria can make your dream of having smoother, clearer skin come true by giving you a professional facial in Winnipeg. We look forward to seeing you smile and will do whatever it takes to satisfy all your requests. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more about our medical spa, please contact us today.

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